Optimal irrigation strategy throughout the day and along the growing period requires a deep understanding of the growing substrate, plant physiology and the water uptake by the plant. In some cases, improper irrigation practice is implemented, accompanied with excess or shortage of water. “Early detection of the improper irrigation strategy can be recognised and adjusted by analyzing the water content in the substrate in high resolution. Following the online water content in the substrate will improve irrigation efficiency significantly”, explains Mr. Ziv Omer, DrainVision Product Manager & Agronomist with Paskal.

Monitor and adjust irrigation strategy

DrainVision Floor-Scale is a system that enables the grower to monitor and adjust the irrigation strategy to achieve the optimal moisture level in the substrate and potentially save on the high cost of excess drain.

“DrainVision system is suitable for a wide range of crops and different growing media, including rockwool slabs and cubes, cocopeat, potted plants, and also various outdoor crops”, Ziv shows. “The system is simple to maintain, has a competitive price and the data are presented in clear user-friendly graphs”

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