Paskal is a manufacturer of innovative monitoring solutions for the horticultural sector. Following research and development by top scientists and technologists, Paskal has already introduced the PhytoVision plants’ growth analysis and the DrainVision for drainage monitoring in soil-less culture. Now the delivery program is extended with Soil Moisture Monitoring a part of the DrainVision range.

Soil Moisture Monitoring

Growing plants in the soil makes it difficult to follow what happened with the irrigation water. Water distribution can be different depending on the type of soil. Dosing too high quantities of irrigation will make the water sink to levels where the plant cannot reach it. When fertilizers are added to the irrigation water, both water and valuable fertilizers are wasted. Too low quantities of water affect the growth of the plant and the development of fruits.

The Soil Moisture Monitor measures the moisture in two levels in order to get a clear view on the distribution of w

ater. The soil moisture sensors are positioned on a depth of 10 cm and 45 cm. Common used technology measured in general on a too small surface, which makes the measurement unreliable. The soil moisture sensors used in the Paskal system are very accurate because they cover a surface of 300 cm² per sensor.

The Soil Moisture Monitor is equipped with an irrigation quantity sensor. This sensor registers the amount of water given by one dripper. In this way the Monitor gives you insight into the amount of water given to the plants and the availability of water in different layers.

Cloud based data
Integrated with the DrainVision technology comes a cloud platform. Your plant’s root moisture level can be followed online from any connected device in clear and easy to read graphs.

The data collected by the wireless monitors are sent to a base station. From this base station, it’s transferred via a GSM module to the cloud server. From the field to your connected device. The cloud-based technology gives you all required input to optimize the use of water and fertilizer. Your irrigation data is accessible anywhere, anytime. It allows you and your consultants to evaluate the irrigation status in real-time and adjust your irrigation strategy accordingly, even when you are miles away.

Wireless technology
The Soil Moisture Monitor is specially designed for both indoor and outdoor applications. When there is no power available, the system can be equipped with solar technology. Ideal for installations in open field.

The distance in open field between the Base Station and the Monitors can be more than 1 kilometer when no obstacles block the signal.

The number of connected monitors to one Base Station is unlimited.

This wireless technology guarantees easy installation and commissioning.

Easy to move during the crop cycle and easy to remove when heavy machinery will be used for cultivating the soil during a crop change.

Maintenance is reduced to a minimum, keeping the solar panel clean and in most situations, a regular visual check is sufficient.

Optimization of your plant’s root environment
Plant root systems are better developed when growing in moist soil. Excessive levels of soil moisture, however, can lead to an unwanted ratio between water and oxygen. This can affect the growth of plants and stimulate development of harmful fungi and pests. By measuring the quantities of water uptake by the plants in real-time, the new Moisture Monitor will enable a significant cost-saving and thus achieving higher profitability.

Many farmers around the globe have increased yields and optimized their irrigation strategy by using the Paskal monitoring solutions. In soil-less cultivation DrainVision has proven to be a helpful tool in increasing irrigation efficiency and the optimum use of fertilizers. By using the Soil Moisture Monitor it is easy to achieve the same savings in water and fertilizer. Measuring the root-zone moisture level in real-time, the new Soil Moisture Monitor helps growers to optimize plant growth and better exploit resources.