Do you ever find yourself improvising when it comes to labeling and tracking plant seedlings? When it’s time for pollination and crossbreeding, most likely you have your own tracking system in place. Imagine having a color coded system that is customized to your specific needs and improves workflow efficiency. At Paskal, we created an innovative greenhouse solution that is specifically designed for just that. With our patented design, Paskal Flower Markers are perfect for marking and labeling your plants, especially during the flowering and seedling stages. Let’s discover the ways in which your plants can benefit from Paskal’s Flower Markers and how you can implement them into your modern greenhouse setup to increase crop yield and profit gain.

It’s No Plant Left Behind with Paskal Flower Markers

As experienced gardeners, one of the advantages of working with a color coded system is that it is easy to understand and teach others. That being said, the added benefit of having a clearly defined system for everybody to follow leaves little room for error. With “no plant left behind”, so to say, our colorful Flower Markers help decrease the number of plants that are accidentally overlooked or missed simply because they blended in. With bright and colorful labels, it will be easy to track which sprouts deserve your immediate attention, saving time and energy. No need to strain the eyes or double-check when each separate flower is easy to identify and approach.

At Paskal, Each Day Is Assigned a Different Color

For example, if Monday is Yellow, then apply a yellow flower marker to each flower that is emasculated on Monday. When you return on Tuesday, there will be newly developed flowers to emasculate that should not be confused with yesterday’s. Assign Tuesday with a different color such as Green, Wednesday can be Blue, and so on and so forth. Create your weekly color code and as your plants grow taller over the weeks, it will be much easier to provide each flower with the same-day treatment that it needs in a timely manner. As opposed to improvising with bread twist-ties, flimsy tape, or pieces of yarn, try our modern greenhouse labeling techniques instead. Not only will you feel the immediate benefits, but you will also notice the long term value in time.

Flower Markers for Vegetables and Watermelons

6200 - CHERRY FLOWER MARKER ( Picture)

When it comes to marking and labeling other plants and vegetables like watermelons, peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes, Paskal Cherry Markers and Flower Markers are available in both soft and

hard versions, depending on your preference.

This cost effective system may also help to reduce the additional expenses on recurring lab tests in fertilization greenhouses, which can be quite costly. As for many of us growers, there comes a time when the male plants are indistinguishable from the females and therefore, labeling is a must in order to achieve successful fertilization results. Using different color tags or markers to identify the males apart from the females is one of the best ways for effectively controlling this process. Each marker is extremely lightweight weighing in at only 0.13 grams per unit and lasts up to one growing season.

Optimize Your Operation at Scale with Paskal

Whether you’re growing cherry tomatoes or cross breeding cannabis strains, there are a number of innovative uses for having a color coded system that works for you. Modern day greenhouses and the growers operating them continue to evolve with the times, making pivotal adjustments to their methods and techniques as new products enter the market. For many of us, we tend to hold tight to the proverbial saying, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it,” – but there is a place and time for that saying and it’s not in the garden. As professional farmers who rely on the land, we leave nothing to chance by using the innovative tools and strategies. When it comes to upscaling your “crop-erations,” Paskal’s Flower Markers make for a useful farming accessory. seed production. Due to the increasing price of labor, in the traditional production countries, we are facing today also a lack of workers for hybridization. These factors make a tremendous impact on seed production.

Advantages of using Paskal Flower Markers

  • Flower Markers are successfully used in the production of Tomato, Pepper, Watermelon, Melon, Cucumber, and more
  • User friendly; quick and accurate placement
  • On-time pollination of all flowers
  • Better control over work process
  • Saves time identifying emasculated flowers
  • Up to seven different marker colors, one for each day
  • The marker does not harm the flower and stays on until harvested
  • Optimized yield per grower may result between 30-50% yield improvement
  • Paskal also offers special flower markers for Cherry tomatoes
  • Competitive pricing

With better control in the process, Paskal Flower Markers help to reduce between 30-50% of the labor costs and increase the production area per grower. Thanks to the color-coded system, our flower ring markers allow your team of growers to emasculate during the pollination stages in a faster and simpler way in comparison to traditional methods. Additionally, the purity level of the seeds is increased as a result of the controlled and organized pollination system. With little effort and little investment, modern greenhouses and growers can save a considerable amount of time by speeding up the workflow in order to achieve enhanced results in improved crop quality and production.

Made by Real People with Real Experience

Due to our ongoing loyalty to our partners and clients, Paskal has become an industry leader and powerhouse for helping smaller farms successfully grow and expand their operations at scale and with minimal growing pains. Headquartered in the Middle East where the region is extremely arid and unforgiving, you’ll find an oasis of farm lands and grow operations scattered about that Paskal is responsible for supporting. In such environments, large scale food production is crucial to the people living in the area. The products we develop and provide to the international farming community were made by real people with real farms and real experience. If you’re interested in how Paskal can help you save time and money with your greenhouse crops and growing methods, feel free to contact us and our experts will be happy to help.

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