More and more growers are moving towards more efficient indoor growing trends and looking for convenient solutions that deliver a lot more in saving time, energy, and are good for the environment. With an increase in indoor greenhouse accessories and advanced growing solutions hitting the marketplace, Paskal’s trellising hooks for tomatoes and cucumbers are a great starting point since they don’t require any extra training and almost anyone can use them with a simple explanation. Not only are they easy to use, long-lasting, and affordable, but the daily work is quicker and more efficient, too.

Let’s discover which hook types work best for modern indoor greenhouse trellising.

The Turbo Hook & Tail Hook Systems

Elevated trellising systems are known to come in all shapes and sizes, but at Paskal, we like to keep things simple, especially when indoors. You’d be surprised at how much time a few innovative systems can save in hours of laborious work. For example, when it’s time for lowering your tomatoes and cucumbers, Paskal has some of the best, most reliable trellising hook systems that provide one control on leaning. Our all metal trellising hook systems are super easy to install and use. Both our Tail Hook and Turbo Hook systems are strong and made of top quality materials.

Not only that, but both the Turbo Hook and Tail Hook systems are known for having the fastest free-fall speeds for modern greenhouse trellising. With Turbo Hook, simply pull the twine with one hand and attach it to the lower part of the plant, or with Tail Hook, just lift one row of hooks all at once, and release the “8” shaped twine. For later lowering, and for both metal hooks, flip the hook over and re-hook it back on to the trellising cable at the desired height. This makes it easier to equally measure out the plant height evenly with each rotation while extending the twine down the row. Additionally, once repositioned on the trellising cable, there is zero slip-back thanks to the way it is designed. Each trellising hook can also be customized with the preferred twine of your choice, and allows for a combination of different colors in one box.

Turbo hook

The RollerHook Assembled or Dis-Assembled


If you’re looking for comfort and precision with each plant’s lowering, the RollerHook is for you. Paskal was actually the original patent holder for the now popular RollerHook design which is a top favorite among growers thanks to its easy squeeze-release action, and anti-slide-locking design, and providing full control on leaning. Each spool offers up to 150 feet for the longer seasons and can be reordered at the end of season with your choice of twine, even bio-twine, and simply attach it to the metal part. Like the Turbo Hook and Tail Hook systems, the RollerHook helps reduce plant damage which is a common lowering issue.

Although the RollerHook comes fully assembled as a complete system, it is also available in separate individual parts so that it’s easier to refill spools and replenish the twine without having to re-order a whole new device. RollerHook spool can be also ordered in dual twine option for Cherry tomato crops, and so you can lower two plants at the same time and make your work even more efficient. In taller, elevated trellising systems with high wires or cables, you can rely on the RollerHook’s strong metal frame and unique hook design all season long. We recommend replacing the metal hook after a few seasons for optimal performance all year round.

Biodegradable Greenhouse Accessories

With years of experience in providing indoor growers with a modern and convenient way to customize their greenhouse setups, our biodegradable products continue to grow in popularity – and it is really no wonder why. The benefits of working with biodegradable materials tend to outweigh the cons more often than not and we here at Paskal believe in maximizing the preservation of resources and giving back to land that we love. Recognized for our high quality trellising strings and bio twines, each of which is an available option for use with the RollerHook, Tail Hook, and Turbo Hook in indoor greenhouse trellising systems.

In regards to the other trellising accessories like our modern greenhouse clips for vegetables, although Paskal offers tomato clips and cucumber clips that are also made from recycled plastics, our bio-clips are made from all compostable biodegradable materials. Simply clamp the tomato clips on to the trellising hook’s string at the base of the plant and secure the stem with the clip. By the way, Paskal’s vegetable trellising clips literally snap-lock into place with a “clicking” sound so that you can hear it when it’s properly secured. When it comes to modern greenhouse setups and trellising systems, from our innovative trellising hooks all the way down to our bio-twines and bio-clips, Paskal is proudly leading the trend.

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