Optimize your water content in Berries, Cannabis, Leafy vegetables and Nurseries

DrainVision floor-scale weighting system was recently developed by Paskal Monitoring Solutions. The system enables
the grower the ability to control water content in the root-zone, improve growth process and reduce fertigation costs,
whether your crop is soft-fruits, cannabis, or flowers.

The new system is available in various sizes with high capacity load-cell. Precise monitoring of water content to your
plants and substrates is now possible for any type of crop. The system measures the irrigation, drain timing and quantity
as well as salinity in the drain.

“We had problems with water flow for a couple of days and the weight of the substrate dropped drastically” says
agronomist advisor Zvi Winner from Cropwiz farm, “we thought it takes two or three days to get the substrate
saturated again. Unexpectedly, we learned that the substrate weight was still low, which means that DrainVision will
save us from a constant lack of water.”

DrainVision floor-scale is a stand-alone system and doesn’t requires any initial preparation, just place the scales on site
and you will be able to improve your plants condition immediately.

The collected data is transmitted directly to the cloud and available on-line in a clear and user-friendly platform in any
connected device; computer, tablet, or mobile.

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