Paskal Systems organized two seminars at Delphy in Bleiswijk last week. Menachem Dinar and Joost van Rooij gave an explanation on the Growth Analysis System.

After a general introduction to the system and a quick tour through Delphy’s greenhouses, where Paskal’s unit is used daily in 100% LED tests among other things, Menachem got a little bit deeper into the system. Starting with the more simple material, and ending up at production forecasts and the use of assimilation lighting.

The latter mainly dealt with the effectiveness of lighting during cultivation. In many cases there is much to gain both in terms of production as energy saving. The Paskal Growth Analysis System can hereby be used to achieve maximum production with minimum energy consumption.

The first day was specifically organized for those interested in the system. The second day was especially for users of the system. It involved a group of growers who already use the Paskal system. Users could exchange experiences and get ideas, while Menachem further informed them about the system.