Paskal is known as a leader in accessories for the horticulture industry and for supporting the growers with high performance and quality products like our vegetable clips. From the very beginning, our tiny clips play a BIG role – a role that will ultimately affect the overall strength (and health) of your crop’s success. Although Paskal’s growing methods are based on the grassroots of farming, our modern-day greenhouse solutions are simple and effective at assisting more growers and farmers to produce higher quality yields, season after season.

With years of experience in developing indoor greenhouse products for the industry, it is our mission to improve growing methods and enhance the overall crop environment. This is one of the main reasons why we take such great pride in our quality vegetable clips, which symbolize Paskal’s pivotal role in impacting the global farming community for stronger and healthier results. For all of the other reasons as to why we are so proud of our vegetable clips, here is our method and solutions for stronger and healthier plant growth with Paskal.

When and How to Use Vegetable Clips550kc-2

Our vegetable clips, tomato clips, and cucumber clips are specifically designed to support and protect plant stems while they grow. Since the weight of the plants will continue to increase as they grow taller and stronger, there is a big demand for reliable solutions that are easy to apply. That’s where Paskal’s vegetable clips come in handy as they are ultra-strong, lightweight and easy to use from the very start. Another added advantage to using Paskal’s signature vegetable clips is the fact that you can actually hear when each clip is “clicked” into its secure and locked position, hugging the stem. This allows the grower to continue the workflow without worrying about if the clip will fall.

To get started, simply grab the clip and place the trellising string or twine at the inner corner of the clip clasp – and then – close the clip to clamp it on to the string (approximately 30 cm from base). Lock the clip around the plant’s stem. The ideal, recommended distance between clips is about 20 cm below the leaf. Paskal vegetable clips come in a variety of sizes according to the type of crop you’re growing.

The Purpose for Using Vegetable Clips

Growing crops in a modern indoor trellising system presents a number of benefits to growers. Our vegetable clips and bio clips were designed to help keep your plants growing healthy and upward without falling. Since they are especially designed to ensure a strong gripping force, Paskal tomato clips significantly help reduce labor costs by connecting the plants to the trellising twine in a simple “click”, ensuring that the stem is well secured. Watch this video tutorial to see how they work.

Our clips offer a long-lasting hold that cannot be compared to traditional, “old-school” trellising techniques. With Paskal’s modern trellising methods and our biodegradable vegetable clips, you’ll wish you had converted much sooner on in the game. Considering the amount of plants that were lost due to stem damage and broken vines, using the right vegetable clips can make the difference between a poor yield and successful season.

Designed for Tomatoes, Cucumbers, & Peppers

What makes Paskal vegetable clips so special is the way they were designed to help cradle and protect the plant stems with a firm, long lasting hold. Ergonomics is another added benefit that comes built-in with the design of each tomato, pepper and cucumber clip – making it easier to grip, open and lock securely without harming the fingers. The sides of our clips are ribbed with slats where the fingers are placed for effective opening and closing. The rigid sides of the clips help the fingers grip the clips for improved working efficiency and speed, allowing growers to cover more ground area and spend less time fidgeting around.

Optimax – New generation of clips, oval shape, Biodegradable option
Optima Bio – Compostable biodegradable, made from bio-based plastic
Optima Clips – Polypropylene-Homopolymer, with Biodegradable option

Not only are Paskal clips ergonomically comfortable for us humans, but they were originally made for the plants. The same built-in rigid design that helps in gripping the sides of the clips has another, more important purpose behind its clever design… circulation! Plants need to have maximum access to as much fresh and healthy air as possible in order to reach their full potential. The slatted sides of Paskal’s vegetable clips work as ventilator shutters allowing clean air to flow through the clip and reach the plant without risk of suffocation or smothered air pathways. This unique design also prevents mildew and mold from growing in or around the tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers alike, facilitating even stronger and healthier plant growth.

The Intrinsic Value of Paskal Vegetable Clips

Quality is measured in a number of ways, starting from the materials used, to the design, function, durability, and of course, customer service. Regarding the more technical benefits of working with our quality vegetable clips, as previously mentioned, let’s analyze the long-term value and inherent quality that is gained in return from using Paskal’s greenhouse accessories. The smooth design and rounded inner edges of each clip enables growers to minimize plant injury and maximize yields. Although the immediate advantages of our clips provide a clear benefit that can be instantly felt, there are a number of additional intrinsic benefits that are also worth noting for future reference.

The Difference Is in the Details

What sets Paskal apart from the competition is the level of detail that goes into designing our greenhouse products. Whether it’s the “click” sound of our vegetables clips, or the oval-shaped structure that gently hugs the plant stem, each detail is designed to save you time and improve efficiency. When working with Paskal’s tools and accessories, it’s easy to see the long-term benefits of working smart and not hard, with innovative products that do more than just work, they perform.

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