Clips: Securely Connecting Crops to Trellising Twine

Clips connect stems to trellising twine, ensuring plants grow upward. Paskal’s clips are specially designed to ensure a strong gripping force while minimizing potential fruit damage. They are easy to install and remove, reducing labor and time needed for trellising and giving you peace of mind that your crops are properly supported.

Our clips are specially designed for specific crops.

Tomatoes  |  Cucumbers  |  Peppers

Advantages of Paskal’s Clips

Innovative Design

Side ribs for comfort when closing

Fast Installation

Attach 1,400 clips per hour with a simple click

Light and Ventilated

Air holes and smooth edges prevent fungus

Extra Strong Grip

Won’t slip along the twine

Supports healthy growth

Minimizes fruit damage

Biodegradable Options

Meets sustainability requirements

How to use Paskal’s Clips

  • Hold the clip open and place the twine inside. Close and listen for the click.
  • Place clips below leaves under tomato clusters
  • We recommended using 10-20 clips per plant for long-term growth or 5-10 clips per plant for short-term growth.

Make trellising easy with the right clips for your greenhouse.