Flower Markers

Developed exclusively to facilitate the seed production process, these colorful markers enable marking of the emasculated/pollinated flowers in order to save time and labor. Used mainly for tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, pepper and other vegetables, they provide the grower with a unique capacity to mark, control and protect their growth.

  • High quality
  • Quick and easy flower marking
  • Available in different sizes for different crop varieties
  • Available in different colors to mark the crosses dates made during the seed production process
  • Lower manufacturing cost of the seeds
  • Improved crop profit
  • Better control of the pollination process
  • Increased productivity: almost doubling the quantity of plants that can be taken care of, by the same labor.
  • Increased seed production: growers can double the amount of seeds (kg), without increasing work force.
  • Cost effective – increasing the lot size per grower, reducing extra work force expenses and consequently the expenses on lab tests.