Grafting Clips

As part of our commitment to provide to our customers with high quality, fit-for-purpose accessories. Paskal and Tecnografting have merged to bring the horticulture & agriculture industry a range of grafting clips with an industry-wide reputation for quality and decades of proven experience.

Young plant grafting requires precision to ensure union between the rooting stock and the scion and ongoing protection during the growing process. Paskal-Tecnografting’s wide grafting clips are designed to easily adapt to the specific needs of the cucurbitaceae and solanaceas families.

  • Solanaceas (tomato, eggplant, and pepper)
    Soft grafting clips made of medical silicone and thermoplastic suitable for younger plants
  • Cucurbitacea (watermelon, melon, cucumber, zucchini, and pumpkin)
    Large fastener-like grafting clips manufactured from a variety of raw materials

Successful grafting of young plants requires precision to ensure that the union of the scion and root is perfectly carried out, providing the exact pressure at the grafting point. In addition, the plants must be protected from infection, bacteria, and viruses during the growing process.