Connectors for Fruit Protection Netting: Shelter crops for safe growth

Secure netting reduces irrigation needs, animal damage, and the need for pesticides. Paskal’s high-quality net connectors ensure safe and efficient sealing for net houses with 50, 40, and 25 mesh. Nets stay connected and structures stay intact.

Use Paskal’s connectors for vegetable protection netting to connect

Net to Net | Net to Cable

Advantages of Paskal’s Connectors for Vegetable Protection Netting

Top Quality Plastic

Made from high-quality materials with UV protection


Cost-effective solution for fastening nets and cables


Ensure strength and durability in various weather conditions

Easy Installation

Efficient connection with all net types


Customizable and fit almost any covering system

Increase net lifespan

Limit damage to netting and structure

How to use Paskal’s connectors for vegetable protection netting

  • Net Connector with Bridge: Use a net connector every 30-50 cm while connecting nets to cables.
  • Pin Connector for Net: Use with an Elliptical Net Connector according to structure requirements.

Secure your crops with Paskal’s connectors for fruit protection netting.