Flower Marker

Product Name: 6100, 6100s

Developed exclusively to facilitate the seed production process, these colorful markers enable marking of the emasculated/pollinated flowers in order to save time and labor.
Used mainly for tomatoes, pepper and other vegetables, they provide the grower with a unique capacity to mark, control and protect their growth.
By marking the emasculated flowers with colored markers, the worker can identify the flowers that are needed to be pollinated without checking the status of each flower (a process that would be much more time consuming).

Yield Type Tomato, Pepper, Watermelon
Color Blue, Orange, Pink, Red, Violet, White, Yellow
  • High quality
  • Quick and easy flower marking
  • Available in different colors to mark the cross-pollination dates made during the seed production process
  • Lower production cost of the seeds
  • Improved crop profitability
  • Better control of the pollination process
  • Increased productivity: almost doubling the quantity of plants that can be taken care of, by the same labor
  • Increased seed production: growers can double the amount of seeds(kg), without increasing work force
  • Cost effective – increasing the lot size per grower, reducing extra workforce expenses and consequently lowering the expenses on lab tests

Technical Info Page

Technical Info Page

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