Specially designed to ensure a full control of plant’s lowering at minimum cost, the Roller Hook is composed of a reusable multi-seasonal metal frame and a strong disposable spool.
RollerHook is the perfect solution for an easy and efficient trellising of greenhouse Cherry tomato plants.

Yield Type Cherry Tomato
Color Black, White
Size (diameter or length) Up to 17 X 2 meters of twine
Biodegradable Optional
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Quick lowering, 1200-1500 plants an hour
  • Preventing plant “stress”
  • Slow release
  • Disposable spool with up to 36 meters of UV resistant.
  • Up to three consecutive growing cycles. After two or three seasons and when spool run out of twine, is when new spools will need to be purchased
  • Low-cost use
  • Simple to operate: spool device with 25-36 meters twine for tomatoes

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