Turbo Hook

Product Name: 518pk, 522pk

Combining innovative design and features that help you save time, Paskal Turbo hook provides fully controlled plant’s lowering, while improving productivity and reducing labor costs.
The Turbo Hook is a quality metal hook including a free-fall release system, that can be released extremely fast, in one-movement!

Yield Type Tomato, Cucumber
Color Various colors
Size (diameter or length) 180 mm, 220 mm
Biodegradable Optional
  • Time saving
  • Unique labor saving
  • Reliable
  • Best free-fall system
  • One-movement hanging method


  • Metal hook available in two sizes: 180 mm or 220 mm
  • Twine available in different colors, thicknesses and strength
  • Twine and free-fall lengths can be customized to growers’ needs
  • There are different packaging options available for the metal hooks – alternate colors of twine in same box

Technical Info Page

Technical Info Page

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