Drain Vision, Paskal’s irrigation monitor system, was released in 2017. Many growers have already experienced the advantages of online wireless monitoring of substrate water content, as well as the amount of water given to the plants and the volume of drain water and EC level.

Each monitor transfers the collected data wireless to a base station; this base station then sends the data via GSM to a cloud server. After connecting to this server, the grower will have access to the data in clear graphs and overviews, anytime, anywhere, by using his smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Now the delivery program is expanded with a solar-powered base station. This base station makes it possible to install the system on places where no electric power is available. Irrigation in open field and in greenhouses, without power supply can now be monitored.

Easy to install is also applicable to this device, a pole on a location with sufficient sun light will do. The maximum distance between the base station and the monitors can be:

  • In the open air; up to 1000 meters.
  • In greenhouses with a simple construction; up to 350 meters.
  • In greenhouses with a more complicated construction and obstacles; up to 150 meters.

DrainVision has been installed successfully in tomato and cucumber crops. Recently, potted plants and strawberries were added.

It is a fact that after installation of DrainVision, most of the growers found out that they gave water at the wrong time. In many cases the drain percentage over the day was too large, as the online information made clear. The result was that the irrigation strategy was changed accordingly. With growers’ permit, DrainVision makes it possible for consultants and other specialists, to have access to the data and follow the effect of changes made. Together with the grower they adapt the irrigation settings to maximize growth.