Decoding the Language of Plants and Vegetables

phytovisionFor modern day farmers, our plants are our “babies” and the more attention we give them, the more we can learn from them. Even the most experienced of farmers will tell you that our plants can communicate with us, as long as we are willing to stop and listen. In Paskal’s experience, we have been working with agriculture and agronomy experts for years at trying to better understand our crops. A major benefit to understanding our plants and vegetables is that it is easier to control crop yield quantities throughout the growing season. With the right tools accumulating information about watering, nutrition, climate settings, and more, creating an optimal growth strategy is easier to do with PhytoVision monitoring system. Farmers are able to make data informed decisions and more accurately provide direct support to their plants. The more accurate the data, the more likely you are to succeed in each new harvest

However, it is not always so simple trying to predict your profits based on each plant’s immediate health. Thankfully, Paskal strives to “forecast the future” of modern greenhouse solutions and developed a system that was far more advanced before its time; PhytoVision.

daily growthAccuracy Contributes to Food and Energy Efficiency

Accurate analysis is an important factor for growing, especially in Russia, where yield forecasting is mostly mandatory for working with logistic centers and the efficient conservation of energy resources. It is therefore crucial for farmers to achieve the highest yields possible with the least amount of energy costs (which greatly affects the cost of production). PhytoVision is a great solution for energy conservation, but it’s also a great way to help reduce food waste. 

According to, “20 billion pounds of produce is lost on [US] farms every year, concluding that, “Another reason why food waste has become such a large problem is that it has not been effectively measured or studied.” — Luckily, PhytoVision can help. 

It can take days or even weeks before noticing a deficiency in your plants’ health due to lack of nutrients, sunlight or water. Experienced farmers tend to be the most accurate rule of measure in determining the root cause of stunted plant growth, but it usually comes at the high cost of lost time that cannot be regained by the plant’s growth cycle. In a short time frame of just a few days, your plants may be experiencing difficulties in reaching their nutritional needs like water. Or even worse, some of your plants may be over-stimulated by their environmental conditions such as having too much water or exposure to sunlight. Experiences like these can be traumatic on your plants’ growth rates and even more traumatic on your spending costs. The unfortunate consequences of not having an efficient monitoring system in place can ultimately cost a lot more than initially anticipated.

Monitoring Plant Health Is a Two-Way Street

Now, what if our plants could talk to us? What if they could tell us exactly what they need and when they need it? Perhaps if they need more water, they could also tell us where exactly. Furthermore, what if all this communication could be easily translated to the other greenhouse systems such as lighting and ventilation to give you an even clearer picture? It might all sound a bit alien at first, the thought of our plants “talking” to us – however, PhytoVision was developed specifically for that purpose. Ever since Paskal’s first plant growth analysis system was born, more and more greenhouse farmers have started implementing this simple, yet advanced system, precisely to better communicate with their vegetable crops and delicate hanging plants.

Without paying for expensive lab tests or putting your ear to the ground, PhytoVision sends you a clear, data-informed image of your plants’ health trends as they grow and develop. If anything should happen that inhibits their normal growth rates, PhytoVision will instantly notify you upon request. PhytoVision helps you to decode the language of your plants based on real data and feedback with site specific insight to help enhance the decision-making processes in your greenhouse. By making the right decisions and on time, it becomes a whole lot easier to predict more accurate crop yields and total profit earnings. And having the right strategic plan for your irrigation management will ultimately be far more cost-effective.

Wirelessly Designed with Trellising in Mindphytovision

Here’s how it works. For example, if you grow tomatoes, by attaching the stem of the plant to the PhytoVision device on the trellising wire, PhytoVision will be able to start tracking the plant’s growth process, by the gram! That’s right, based on the daily weight increase gained by each plant, the system will calculate the plant’s growth rates and alert you when deficiencies are detected in plant health. This will enable you to reduce the number of delayed responses and implement any immediate adjustments for the plant’s quick recovery. By calculating the plant’s growth rate with the average growth threshold, PhytoVision helps wirelessly pinpoint critical imbalances in your plants and vegetables.

In comparison to years of experience with hours of guesswork, no other remote monitoring system can drill down at the resolution that Paskal’s PhytoVision provides. Another truly great advantage of having this system is it integrates well with all your other greenhouse monitoring solutions such as for measuring humidity, sunlight, temperature and even plant substrate levels. Real-time data collection provides a much clearer picture as a cumulation of various parameters to enhance the decision making processes. By mapping out your greenhouse with PhytoVision technology, you will allow your plants to directly communicate with you daily.